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Project Description

Service announcement - as of October 17, 2013 the Windows Behavior SDK is officially released and this project is now deprecated.

You are strongly urged not to build behaviors on top of this library anymore unless you specifically have to support 8.0 projects. See here for mere information and ways how you can use the win8nl library for migrating your behaviors.

Thanks for using this, thanks for the suggestions and contributions. It was a good ride, but it's over. 

Original Project Description:

WinRT XAML does not support behaviors out of the box. This project tries to fill the gap for people who really need behaviors to get cracking in XAML for Windows 8 apps.

The work in this project is primarily based on this article, although things have moved on from there: the latest version supports data binding and the memory leak has been plugged with the help of my initial two co-developers: Geert van Horrik and Filip Skakun. On September 17 2012 András Velvárt joined to add a simple form of Blend Support (NuGet package v1.0.2)

The process of porting behaviors from Windows Phone 7 to WinRt can be see in action in this blogpost

Note: on August 17 2012 changeset 18697 fixed an important bug that potentially hangs your application on startup, navigating to a new page or displaying a control previously not shown or loaded.

As of August 18 2012 WinRtBehaviors is also available as a NuGet package

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